Mahjongg is a game with tiles originally from China. Perhaps you think of it as an old game, but it can not be traced longer back than the 19th century. The real Mahjongg game is for four players, but what you will find here is Mahjongg Solitaires you can play on your own.

You should find two equal tiles that is free to be moved. You can move them if they are not blocked by another tiles on the sides, or if no other tiles is above it. In Mahjongg Connect, you should link two equal tiles with a line with no more than two angels to get the tiles off the board.

Our categorys suits all players, if you want to play without any pressure, or if you want to play on time.
If you have a Tablet, Mahjongg is excellent to play on it! Give it a try, it works even better than on a computer.
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Mahjongg Connect:

Mahjongg Connect is a game where you should connect to equal tiles with a line with maximum to angles. The tiles can not be blocked by other tiles. is produced by Nyland Online. Copyright © 2015 - 2019