Traditional Tiles, with time pressure

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Arkadium Mahjong

9.33 2783

Great Classic tiles, and classic setup. You get 10 minutes with no shuffle, but with hints.

Mahjong Master 2

8.00 1611

150 different setups, in 3 levels. Be fast enough and you get a golden star. Both hints and shuffle on each setup. The game is very user friendly for Mobile players.

Mahjong Flowers

9.00 1654

150 great boards, devided into 3 difficulties. You have only 3 shuffles. This gameboard adapt very nice for mobile users.

Mahjong Everyday

8.00 1549

A new board every day with great tiles. Time count downwards, but you gain som time every time you remove tiles.

China Mahjong

9.59 4182

Choose between 2D or 3D effect on more than 80 levels. Classical tiles. Highscorelist.

Dragons Mahjong

9.50 3603

The tiles are turned so they are hidden. Turn two tiles, and if they are equal, they will be removed. If it is the two dragons, the level is finished. Highscorelist.

Trio Mahjong

9.80 2220

Match 3 equal tiles. Many levels. Highscorelist.

Mahjong Adventure

7.75 3547

This game works best on tablet or mobile. Many levels where it start out easy and gradiually becomes harder and harder. Clock for bonus points that count downwards.

Triple Mahjong 2

9.87 3750

Triple Mahjongg, you need to find 3 equal tiles to get them away. Highscorelist. is produced by Nyland Online. Copyright © 2015 - 2019