Traditional Tiles, no time pressure

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Mahjong Classic

9.75 2742

Choose to play without time or with time. Great classic tiles, where those who are free is enlightened. 1200 different setup/levels to choose from!

Jolly Jong 2.5

8.00 3382

The tiles gets centered whenever they can. 21 levels.

Mahjong Solitaire

9.85 1975

The available tiles is lighten up, so it is easier to find a pair. You get more points for playing fast, but no time pressure to make it. Many levels to choose from.

Mahjong Ace

9.74 1930

Mahjong game with many levels, and different Sets with tiles.

Super Dragon Mahjongg

9.43 2917

Here is the original setup and some other boards to enjoy in this relaxing version.

Jolly Jong One

8.60 3533

100 levels with mahjongg to enjoy without any time pressure. Do you make it to the highscorelist when all levels is finished ? You can come back and continue playing from the same computer whenever you want.

Mahjong Express

8.80 3513

Not many boards - no clock ticking and no highscore. Just Pure Mahjongg!!

All-in-one Mahjong

8.75 1918

Many nice setups and great graphics. If you dont get back to the menu after a level is finished, press F5.

Shanghai Mahjong

9.64 4494

Nice tiles and good background music in this classical Mahjongg game. 100 levels to choose from, play the one you want. Highscorelist. is produced by Nyland Online. Copyright © 2015 - 2019